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This image has a great story to tell. I reach a village named ”Mandal” near Gopeshwar. On our way to Mandal from Chopta via a Trekking route, We come across this waterfall. We were very thirsty. There were locals, too. We drink water. I can’t not stop myself from saying that, ‘Water is so pure and sweet ‘. An old Man standing by me adds to that, ‘Bilkul theek kahan beta aapne…..aur iss suddha paani ki tarah logo ke dil bhi utne hi saaf hain yahan par……aur yahi paani jitna niche jata ja raha hai, utna hi ashuddha(Impure) aur karwa(bitter) hota jayega aur is nichaayi ke saath saath log bhi utne hi asabhya aur ashikshit milte jayenge. I smiled and completely agreed with The Old Man. Water is pure and sweet at altitude. As it flows down, people in plain areas pollute it, waste it, disrespect it.