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It Was raining heavily , Uttarakhand was going through the most difficult times on the planet. Yes, I am talking about the number of events that took place in 2013. We made our way from Joshimath to Chopta to Mandal on foot. We felt lifeless that day and despite the tragedy, we did not think of going back to the city (Meerut), Instead we paid a visit to Chopta. We went there, met a familiar guy, he said: the whole world is running from Uttarakhand and you fools actually come to Chopta: I said, ‘why are not you running’. He said, ”this is my home”. I said, ” it is our home too”: He was speechless and impressed that he gave us food and stay for free. We also learn that we have to go back to Chamoli to reach Rihsikesh as the Ukhimath’s Bridge was destroyed by he flood. Next Morning, we first pay a visit to Tungnath and Chandrashilla. A few maters before Chandrashilla, This was the view. It seemed like the land of clouds and anger of mother nature. The tragedy is due to humans’s dirty activities in nature such as building concrete hotels to earn money, polluting the environment, ill-mannered, uneducated tourists travelling for making fashion.style statement etc.