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Kedar valley is one of the most beautiful valleys I have ever seen so far. It can be compared with any of the best valleys of the world. The journey from Gaurikund to Kedar is rather torturous where one can reach on foot or by horse. By horse it took 4½ hrs and the climb from Rambada to Kedar is continuously rising through the arduous terrain. We reached at the valley of Kedar and the view to the mountain peaks behind the Kedar Shrine is the most picturesque beauty. The peak being on the North side is blessed with the sun rays of sunrise and sunset.

At a height of 11755 feet. Behind the town and Kedarnath temple, stands the majestic heights of Kedarnath peak 6,940 m (22,769 ft), Kedar Dome 6,831 m (22,411 ft) and other peaks of the range.