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I see these Himalaya students and on the other hand, I see students in cities. I find a huge difference. Firstly, Students receiving education in the Himalayas are decent, educated, kind-hearted, blessed, loving, genuine etc. While the students studying in those big concrete buildings , in an air-conditioned electronic classroom are ill-mannered, ill-educated, fake, idiots. They are srurrounded by whatsapp, facebook, laptops, headphones, dangerous sounds of home theater, HD mobilephones, AC, T.V, shopping malls. They are living a miserable life. Now look at this picture, Those students are surrounded by snow-clad mountains, greenery, the sounds of birds, eco-friendly environment, no electronics. They are connected to mother Nature, The real teacher. They breathe clean air. I feel happy for the students of the Himalayas and merciful for the students in cities.