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We escaped to The Mighty Himalayas at the time(Jan 2015) when they received the heaviest snowfall in the last 45 years. We got stuck in the snow from head to toe, somehow reached this incredible white desert(Ali Bugyal), saw the most beautiful dusk ever, experienced the coldest night (-16°C) ever, could not sleep for a second. The 10 feet thick white blanket was sitting over the grassland. Descended the peak next day, came down to Didina(A small settlement). One of the locals said, ‘I have been living in this place for the last 49 years and nobody ever goes there in this specific time of the year(Dec-Feb), you guys climbed the peak, you people deserve a prize, you have shown courage’. I graciously said, ‘Your words are prize for us’. I believe that liberation can take you anywhere.