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I wake up at 4:00 am, take a bath, perform Yagya, do pranayaam at 2700 meter from sea level. I ask mother nature to make my morning auspicious.I worship Bhagawan(Land, Sky. Air, Water, Fire). They have given us this life. Mountains are my temples. This same routine continues for another 15 days in a raw in the lap Of The Giant Himalayas. I feel closest to God when I am in the Himalayas. Uttarakhand used to be all about Mother Nature. Human has been playing a dirty greedy game of destroying the eco-system of Uttarakhand, specially the people who goes there from others states of India. Building of Hotels, concrete homes, illegal cutting down of trees, pollution in flora and fauna, plastic bottles in greenery, carbon footprints are such activities that came across me. Uttarakhand is a Land of Mountains(Bhagavan). Mother nature does not allow us to build concrete hotels or cut down trees. People have forgotten that the ‘2013 tragedy’ was the anger of mother nature!!!!!